Versatile Silhouette® window shadings, with the Signature S-Vane, suspend fabric vanes between two sheer fabric facings; the suspended vanes tilt with precision, giving you total light control and privacy. When fully raised, Hunter Douglas Silhouette® window shadings completely disappear into the headrail for an unobstructed view. In two-inch, three-inch and the Quartette® four-inch vane sizes, this innovative window covering now gives you a more expansive view in wide selection of elegant fabrics from bold colors to iridescent hues. With an abundance of styles and applications to fit your room's personality and function perfectly.


Nantucket ™ Window Shadings suspend soft, 3″ fabric vanes between two sheer fabric facings that block harmful ultraviolet rays and transform the light entering the room into a warm glow. Nantucket shadings come in seven casual fabrics, from solids to patterns, in 60 colors from saturated to soft hues. Invite in as much sunlight as you wish. With the shading lowered, the Signature S-Vanes™ can be tilted to any position. Open the vanes and the sheer facings soften the outside view and filter the incoming sunlight, blocking up to 88% of harmful UV rays. Close the vanes to enjoy maximum privacy and almost total UV protection without completely darkening the room. Nantucket ™ Window Shadings operate with no lift cords or tapes to detract from their clean look.


Pirouette® window shadings uniquely imbue the classic fabric shade with the ability to control light in an entirely new way. With the gentle pull of the cord, the textured fabric transforms from contoured folds to opened vanes, allowing a softened outside view through the sheer backing. The revolutionary Invisi-Lift system allows the horizontal fabric vanes to float gracefully in the window, while providing ultraviolet protection and precise control of the light through your choice of delightful colors with coordinated hardware and cords.


Privacy Sheers from Hunter Douglas join the beauty of sheers with the privacy of soft draperies. Featuring translucent fabric facings and soft fabric vanes that rotate for infinite degrees of light control and privacy, these custom window sheers are especially suited for entire walls of windows or French doors. Luminette® Privacy Sheers come in the classic 3- 1/2″ vane size or the wider Quintette 4- 3/4″ vane size to give you the choice of two distinct looks, two levels of view-through with different levels room-darkening capacity.


Skyline® Gliding Window Panels fit the sleek, contemporary look of today's urban design influence and offer the perfect solution for both large and small window expanses. Skyline window panels come in a range of fashion forward fabrics in five distinctive opacity categories to suit your privacy and light control preferences. Skyline's revolutionary hardware system, valance selection, and custom-colored hardware coordinate with each fabric in the collection in a myriad of ways to suit your design style.